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Richard van Ruth

Richard has spent over 25 years in sales, distribution, marketing and management roles across the beverage sector.

Daniel Zuzolo

Daniel has worked as a McLaren Vale based winemaker for 20 years and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science (Oenology) from the University of Adelaide.

Wholesale Pricing

VITIS offers tiered wholesale pricing to all ABN holders. If you want to elevate your meetings, events, drinks list, corporate gifts or just enjoy more VITIS Virgin Spritzer, contact us for wholesale pricing and terms.

Got Questions?

How do I enjoy VITIS Virgin Spritzers?

VITIS Virgin Spritzers are social drinks. Enjoy as a refreshing thirst quencher, as an aperitivo before lunch/dinner, or with your favourite foods. Get adventurous, and enjoy VITIS as a mixer with your favourite gin or vodka!

What’s in VITIS?

Single source natural spring water, premium region-specific grapes and a touch of natural flavours to produce our one-of-a-kind flavour profile. For added texture and freshness we also add a small amount of grape tannin and grape acid for a truly unique experience.

How is VITIS made?

First we harvest our vitis vinifera (wine) grapes, and press them to extract the juice. Then, we carefully blend single source spring water, the unfermented grape juice, and natural flavours to create our unique flavour profile. Finally, we gently carbonate and immediately package VITIS, to capture the fresh flavours.

Does VITIS contain preservatives?

Being a natural product, we take precautions to ensure a fresh tasting experience. We add a minimal of food grade preservatives (Sulphur Dioxide and Potassium Sorbate).

Does VITIS contain sugar?

Only the natural sugar from our fresh grape juice is present. At less than 7 grams of sugar per serve, VITIS Virgin Spritzers contain one quarter of the sugar of most juices and soft drinks, and around one third the sugar of tonic water.

Is VITIS really 0% alcohol?

Yes – VITIS Virgin Spritzers don’t undergo any alcoholic fermentation, so they contain 0.0% alcohol.

Is VITIS Vegan friendly?

Yes - every ingredient and process used to create Vitis Virgin Spritzers are approved Vegan friendly.

Where is VITIS from?

Our primary goal is to source VITIS ingredients from a single defined region, for a unique “sense of place”. We are starting off with Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula. Watch this space…..

What is their shelf life?

Being natural products and with minimal added preservatives we recommend storing VITIS in a cool, dark place. Being carbonated, do not shake, and serve chilled. Consume within two days once opened.

Who are these guys?

Co-founders Richard Van Ruth and Daniel Zuzolo are wine and drink industry professionals with over 45 years’ experience between them. Click here to read more about these two.